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Maple Casino’s Online Roulette

Fast rotation of the wheel of all time most popular game granted the gamblers all over the World bright emotions and thrilling feelings. It is impossible to find a person who does not know about Roulette, and many people dream of winning. The intrigue of waiting for the result and checking of the ability to forecast attract the players to the casinos. You just only imagine what range of feelings you may have when you count seconds and can’t wait for the little ball to drop into the number you have chosen a minute ago! Last centuries people did not have as many possibilities for playing as you have now. Nowadays you may play on your PC, a mobile phone or a tablet any time you wish. You may choose the most generous offers and bonuses from casinos. When you are familiar with the rules of the game, you are bound to have a wonderful time spending. An amazing interface with attention-grabbing images will add even more pleasure.

Play online and win real money in roulette from the top online casinos

Playing this game you may win really good money. But like every game for even money, there are some nuances. If you are going to give a try to your luck, you need to be well acknowledged about what variant of online roulette canada is more benignant to you. You might think that if there is one name of the game, there is only one possible kind exist, but you are going to be surprised. Keep on reading and you will find out many interesting facts about the awesome world of the roulette at maple casino.

Kinds of online roulette

As the history says, the game under discussion appeared in France at the beginning of the 18th century and its name is translated as “a small wheel”. In a short time, it became popular in Europe and “crossed over” the ocean to conquer the rest of the World. Many gamblers gave Roulette a name of a “King of Casino Games” due to its enormous popularity. In America, the avaricious owners of the casinos added 00 (double zero) to the existent 36 numbers including 0 (zero), which reduced the chances of winning. Thus, two essential kinds of Roulette appeared: European and American one.

In the 90th, in Russia, another kind of this game appeared where three zeroes (000) were added.

The two variants of the games are different in the way the numbers are distributed on the wheel. The playing field, chips, playing field are also different.

Before you start gambling the online roulette canada, you should become familiar with the nuances of the process and specific rules of both variants of the game.


Every player dreams about winning big money within a short period. The online roulette canada is the wonderful variant for this. It is natural that you are looking for a secret magical formula, which is going to help you win every time the wheel is being launched. There are several strategies or systems of online roulette, using which you may increase your odds.

One of the most famous system for online roulette canada playing is the martingale strategy. This system is used for the bets provided there is 5o% of chances for winning (red/black, odd/even, etc.). This strategy is focused on doubling the bet after each failure. You have to do this every time you fail till you win. And when you fail again, you need to start doubling your bets again. Using this strategy you have only one but a valuable advantage — you cover all your loses. If you are going to choose this strategy, you must have enough money to be able to double your bets. But take into account that it is impossible to double the bets all the time since every online roulette has a maximum bet limit. This system is very risky, since if you bet 20 chips, for the next spin you will have to bet 40 chips, which is pretty a lot.

Another system which brings the odds of winning is the d’alembert strategy. The main point of it is that you have to change the bet amount every time depending on the outcome of the previous bet. The bet amount is reduced when you win and increased when you fail. In both cases, the bet is increased or decreased by a minimal bet amount. Using this flexible strategy you have equal chances of having red or black, odd or even. But if you fail twice, your chances for winning equal to zero.

You may use another famous system for online roulette canada playing — Parley system. In two words this system can be represented as the reversed Martingale strategy. Before the wheel is being launched, you need to choose the size of your initial bet. If you make $1-$5 bet, your risks of losing big money will be minimal. Should you win you have to add the amount of the winning to the initial bet you have made, so you can increase it and start playing again.

There are some more strategies exist which you can use when you are playing the online roulette on your phone or PC. But you should be ready to make real money bets if you want to win some money.

Specific rules

En Prison

In the European version of roulette, a rule called “En Prison” applies. It belongs to the bets on “equal chances”: black/red, odd/even, big/small. This rule means that if there is a zero on the wheel, a dealer puts a marker on your bet chips, which are left on the playing field, indicating that they are “in custody”. If you win on the next spin, you get your original bet back but without any extra winning. But if on the next spin a zero comes again, you will lose your bet.

La Partage

The name of this rule is originated from French and is translated as “the divide”. In some content, this rule is similar to En Prison rule. According to la partage rule, if there is a zero on the wheel, the half of your bet will be returned to you, while another half will be kept for the house. Keep in mind, that these rules are applicable only for even money bets and only even money will be half refunded to you under La Partage rule.

The online casino, offering the online roulette with La Partage and En Prison rules, significantly reduces the house edge. For the European version of Roulette the house edge is 1.35%, and 2,63% — for the American version. But even without these rules, the house edge of a casino with the European variant of online roulette is 2,7%, while a casino which proposes the American version of that game has only 5,26% for all bets except the bets made on five numbers (0, 00, 1, 2, 3); in this situation the house edge reaches 7.9%.

How to play?

The key elements of the online roulette canada are a wheel, a ball, a betting table and the game chips. In online roulette, the Dealer is represented by a random number generator. The main purpose of the game is to predict the number and color of the sector where the ball is going to drop into after the wheel is being stopped. You place your chips on the green gaming table with the red and black numbers separated by white lines. In the online roulette, you are going to play against the house but not against other players. You are free to make as many bets as you wish, provided they are within limits set by a casino.

A croupier rotates a wheel and while it is rotating you have time to make your bets. Three rotations before the last one the croupier announces, “No more bets” and no more bets are accepted. After the ball is being dropped into a sector with a number in the wheel, the croupier puts a special marker, called “dolly” or “loula” on the same number on the playing field. Should your number is marked by dolly, the dealer pays you a winning and collects other unsuccessful bets.

To experience the feelings of a real game of the land-based casinos you can use VR technology, and your playing will be even more realistic and exciting.