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Video Slots Online What is it?

Have you ever wondered how it might feel becoming immensely wealthy in a snap with the Internet games and no hardcore effort whatsoever? Over the last decades online gambling has proved to be a business with bona fide competition and over the top prizes. It comprises convenience as majority of virtual games do and mind-bogglingly big stakes. It’s the outcome of people from different continents playingto gether and making number of active users quite impressive. The history of the Net gambling has been a witness to many a lucky dog. Those crashing jackpots on online video slots which are worth of millions and tens of millions and drastically changing their lives forever. Sounds tempting to you? There’s no sensible reason to wait for another day and concatenation of circumstances in order to make a difference in routine and stray off the beaten tracks. Not confident whether you can become a new fortunate soul with a tidy sum on their bank account? No one ever was. But without trying and getting a foot in the door don’t wait for a miracle to happen. Here we compiled some relevant information which you can use to start the ball rolling in online video slots gaming today.

Why Online Video Slots Games?

When choosing amid this bewildering range of the online casino games today one must try out free video slots just for the sake of experience. They’re legendary. Before the notorious “one arm bandit” label was attached to them people who tried to get some free cash off the machine striking it with their hand were original one arm bandits. Free video slots require no preparation or deep knowledge. It makes them universally comprehensible and accessible. As some people need months and years of schooling and practice to make it in card games, slot machines are resource-light, quick to star and self-contained. Brick and mortar casino experience frequently ends up being a complete boondoggle. The fact that the video slots are available in online environments and free of charge on a trial basis makes them irreproachable. There’re 2 major ways to play on the Internet depending on your experience and daring. Real money mode is suitable for those who has already spent a good minute on free video slot games and is ready to lose and win with their own bucks in earnest. Free mode of free video slots is great for anyone with no downloading, apprehension and requirements. It has no traps and pitfalls because online casino believes you’ll be interested in real game after no risk gambling. But it rests with you to decide. You may enjoy the best free video slots as long as you desire.

General Regulation On Free Video Slots

Even with that effortless of a game as video slot machines it’s essential to understand game mechanics and common rules. Initial features of machines are the virtual reels which are linked to the concept of payment lines. Payline is the line on the reels of a slot which comprises symbols designating a winning combination, paylines shouldn’t be mixed up with active lines regarding Internet casinos. In traditional real life casinos you will be able to win striking the good combination on the active line only. It’s the one illuminated in the middle. Developers of online gambling software trying to gain visibility generated multiple paylines along the screen in vertical direction, diagonally and even zigzag giving abundance of chances to win in one spin. Thus, you need to take decision on a number of payment lines when playing with real cash. With free video slot machines it’s just the matter of taste.

Fundamental Definitions In Video Slots


  • Wild Symbols can substitute the normal ones when gamblers lack it to hit the combination on the payment line. It works as a saver of those ridiculous situations when all you need to win is a match of 5 same figures but you manage to get only 4. The more “wilds” pop up on the screen the bigger is money won from one spin.
  • Expanding Wilds work as well as the ones that are mentioned above, but expand along the whole reel substituting the whole payline. The best video slots are popular for being extremely vivid and colorful and expanding wild symbols are great demonstration of it. They always stand out and are accompanied by impressive graphics. This symbol triggers new kinds of winnings which are higher than average.
  • Stacked Wilds are similar to the expending ones but stacked or piled on several special reels which are pointed out on the display. To get triggered they should appear on those several reels where they’re stacked and expand till they occupy the whole line or a part of it. The amount of winnings depends on the amount of space stacked wilds take. They give tremendously big prizes when start to expand and cover the whole screen/all reels.
  • Scatter Symbols provide a player with variety of bonus features whether it’s free spins, series of bonus rounds or multiplication of winnings. Since they’re specific for each game one should look for paytable. It’s in the settings of the game or in the description of it where all the details are denoted. As a rule, more advanced free video slots with 5+ reels feature scatter symbols, but they are no exception to 3 reel slots as well.

Receive A Payout.

If you’re betting real cash on video slots, studying payout table is indispensable. It’s a chart where one can find how much they can win for each specific combination and how bet size influences the number of these winning combos per game. Clearly, wage size is linearly proportional to the chance to win. But can be precarious and risky as well. For free video slots game players it’s also advisable to get a glimpse of it since information about the wild or scatter symbols and how they pay off, prizes and bonuses is also stated in the payout table.

How To Start Playing Video Slots.

1) Choose a game that corresponds to your preferences regarding theme, number of reels, availability of bonuses, etc. There are hundreds of video slots a single casino might offer. That’s why it’s easier to narrow down your search by applying “filters”. You’ll find a wide range of the best captivating machines with aesthetically pleasing graphics and abundance of themes from your favorite music bands and TV shows to sci-fi creatures.

2) Adjust the indicators at the bottom of the screen. You may change your wage each time by clicking “-“ or “+”. In real money game it’s important to keep in mind you’re in for a change of greater pay-off with bigger bets. In free mode you already have some virtual coins on the bankroll.

3) Spin the reels by clicking the button. You may also find the option of the game spinning reels for you a set number of times in auto-mode. Wait for symbols to land and enjoy gameplay in free mode or earn some bucks in “real” game.